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Information for Non-Anchorage Members

How does ShipToAlaska work for residents and businesses outside of Anchorage?
Once packages arrive in Anchorage for Non-Anchorage members, our warehouse staff generates United States Postal Service (USPS) Priority mailing labels for your packages and each package is then mailed to your door.

Why is your service different for members living outside of Anchorage?
ShipToAlaska’s air freight partner does not own warehouse space in every city in Alaska. As a result ShipToAlaska is unable to offer the same will call service that is available in Anchorage. The USPS offers reliable delivery to all others areas within Alaska at an affordable price.

Will I still save money when sending packages to locations other than Anchorage?
Yes, in most instances. By consolidating your packages with other Alaska bound freight in Seattle, you still receive the reduced rates from Seattle to Anchorage. Because your package is being inserted into the postal system within the state of Alaska and not in the lower 48, ShipToAlaska has effectively mailed your package to you locally, skipping all postal zones in the lower 48, which saves you money. Please use our shipping calculator to determine your actual charges.

How long does it take to receive my package?
The maximum time to receive a package once the package has been received in Seattle is 6 business days. The average time will be roughly 4 business days once a package is received in Seattle.

How are costs calculated?
Unfortunately, due to the varying rate schedule of the United States Postal Service, ShipToAlaska is unable to offer a flat rate per pound to areas outside of Anchorage. The only way to calculate package costs with ShipToAlaska is by using the Shipping Calculator on our website.

How are packages tracked?
All members will receive an email announcement once their package arrives in Seattle. Once the package arrives in Anchorage and is placed into the United States Postal Service system, ShipToAlaska will email you the USPS tracking number for that package.

What are the package size restrictions for members outside of Anchorage?
Since ShipToAlaska is using the United States Postal Service to distribute packages to locations outside of Anchorage we are bound by USPS guidelines. We can ship the following:

Priority Mail
Packages cannot exceed 70 lbs. and length plus girth can be no longer than 108 inches. There will be a two to three day delivery time from Anchorage.

Parcel Post
Packages that do not exceed 70 lbs. and length plus girth are greater than 108 inches, but less than 130 inches will be sent Parcel Post. In addition, the package length must not exceed 108 inches. There will be a seven to ten day delivery time from Anchorage.

How is length plus girth calculated?

image depicting package and associated measurement

For example let’s say your package has the following dimensions:

Length = 24”
Width = 12”
Height = 12”
Actual Weight = 50lbs

Length + Width + Height + Width + Height = inches
24" + 12" + 12" + 12" + 12" = 72 inches

Can you ship packages to areas outside of Anchorage that are larger than 70 lbs. and length plus girth is greater than 130 inches?
Yes. Packages that weigh more than 70 lbs. and/or length plus girth is greater than 130 inches cannot be mailed using the USPS. However, our air freight provider can provide delivery services. Larger packages can be flown from Anchorage to almost any destination in Alaska. Please email or call us for a quote.

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